Prices & Plans

The treatments have been designed in order to allow you to get the most out of each and every session. A combination of different techniques are used in order to achieve the greatest impact and to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.

If this is your first visit for a 1 hour treatment you will greatly benefit from a 30 minute free consultation which covers your medical history, lifestyle and a full examination of your feet. The consultation is given prior to your treatment.

Taster – Duration – 30 minutes – £25

Taster is designed for those who wish to try reflexology for what could be the first time or perhaps you simply wish to engage with the therapist in a hands on way to decide if the therapy works for you. A short consultation will be given prior to this session.


Facial Reflexology – Duration 1 hour – £45

This treatment combines all of the benefits of a holistic therapy with a touch of beautifying luxury! You have the option of an upper arm, shoulder and neck massage combined with your Facial Reflexology if you wish.


Face & Foot Reflexology – Duration – 1 hour – £45

The combination of Facial Reflexology and Foot Reflexology is utterly superb and positively ideal if you wish to experience both therapies in one package. It is an extremely powerful treatment and a beautiful one.


Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage – Duration 1 hour – £40

The aim of this treatment is to alleviate the swelling, pain and stiffness associated with lymphedema. Through specifically targeting the body’s lymphatic system we aim to promote the correct drainage of lymphatic fluid. RLD can also be used with great effectiveness to deal with any other issues relating to the Lymphatic System.

Reflexology Relax – Duration  – £40

This treatment is designed to do exactly this. Enjoy a one hour treatment of total relaxation on the feet and unwind allowing yourself the freedom to empty your mind and to be simply in the present. Ideal for anyone who finds themselves in a stressful situation at home or work and a need to find the off switch. Using a combination of reflexology techniques, this treatment will allow you the time to relax, unwind and re-charge your batteries.

Reflexology Renew – Duration – 1 hour of Reflexology and RLD – £40

Renew is a longer and more intensive treatment on the feet incorporating traditional reflexology and Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage. It is aimed at those who may find life has become a little too much for perhaps too long and the lymphatic system may well have slowed down and is not functioning at optimum. You may be responding to a divorce, an illness or a bereavement and need that extra TLC and a renewed outlook on life. This treatment is designed to allow you  the time to re-engage with your mind, body and soul in the present and to view what is happening around you with a renewed outlook.  A combination of traditional reflexology and RLD will be used.

Reflexology Restore Feet – Duration – 6  x 1 hour treatments. Book a block of 6 treatments and pay for only 5 – £200

Reflexology Restore Facial – Duration – 6  x 1 hour treatments. Book a block of 6 treatments and pay for only 5 – £225

Restore is designed in order to enable you to put yourself first for what may well be the very first time and to restore your body to its optimum levels. It allows you to take advantage of a tailor-made package of 6 sessions, yet only pay for 5. This in itself is an opportunity for you to benefit from continued guidance, a personalised treatment plan along with the support and help that you deserve in order to overcome whatever life is throwing at you.

Teen Reflexology – Duration – 30 minute treatment – £20, 1 hour treatment – £35

This treatment is designed with your child and also you in mind. Not only will your child benefit from Reflexology but you will be given after care advice, along with a chart and a routine specifically designed to help to relax your child. Kimberley will explain in simple, easy to understand terms how you can perform simple Reflexology techniques on your child to help encourage relaxation and improved wellbeing. Reflexology can help your child sleep better, feel calmer and improve their sense of wellbeing.


Home visits can be arranged at an additional cost of £5 within a 10 mile radius of Lincoln.

* Please note we do not currently accept payment by card but this will be available in the very near future.