Facial Reflexology – The Bergman Method

bc148aea-b025-49f8-8216-30e142a939b7Facial Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing holistic treatment and you will be given the option of a treatment given to just the face or, the neck and shoulders can be added into the therapy. Following a consultation, you will be asked to lay on the therapy couch and enjoy.

An extremely delicate blend of bilberry, borage, cucumber and sunflower oils, with mineral-rich sea salts created by, ‘bareMinerals’, is used to enhance the experience of this unique treatment. These ingredients have added qualities aimed at anti-aging, nourishing, re-hydrating and revitalising the skin. The antioxidant qualities of this oil helps to strengthen the skin and protect against free radicals which will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and pure.

The Bergman Zone Method of Facial Reflexology is built on a combination of Native American techniques and Asian body mapping. This deeply restorative treatment is combined with an insightful reading of the reflexes.

Facial reflexology promotes deep relaxation and feelings of calm and inner peace, helping to relieve symptoms relating to stress and fatigue. It helps to open up neural pathways, assisting in the control of stress and has an analgesic effect, reducing pain by releasing endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers).

It also gives you a rejuvenating transformation through lifting and sculpting facial muscles by stimulating blood flow thereby increasing circulation to the face and head.  Using a range of massage and natural facelift techniques, facial reflexology has a sublime effect on the skin, helping to strengthen layers of skin tissue and improving skin tone, leaving it looking radiant and glowing with an uplifting effect.

Facial Reflexology is very effective in improving lymphatic drainage by encouraging the elimination of toxins and can help relieve muscle tension, mental strain, headaches & migraines. It aims to reduce the symptoms and effects of many common ailments including sinusitis and congestion problems, insomnia, lack of energy, IBS and other stress related issues.   It can be particularly useful for people suffering with neurological conditions by working closely with the central nervous system and the muscles of the face and head.

I was delighted to have been personally taught by Ziggie Bergman, the UK’s foremost facial reflexologist and founder of ‘The Bergman Method’ Facial Reflexology.  Ziggie is a fountain of knowledge and inspiration with over 20 years experience as a holistic practitioner.